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Quality, sound and passion
Living the difference

Everything begins with music. We are surrounded by music, wherever we go and whatever we are doing. We listen to music inside our cars, whilst shopping, in the lift, or even at work. However, the specific occasions when we consciously take the time to relax and to listen closely are rare. For these precious moments, we choose carefully which music we are going to listen to and how we want it to sound. And as we depart from mainstream music, moving away from mass-consumption, we start to appreciate our individual preferences, enjoying the subtle quality and tonal differences.

In order to satisfy the high demands of reproduction technology, we began to build our first loudspeakers in the 90s at the end of the last century. To be able to hear the unsophisticated sounds of great music at home - that was our ambition. In pursuit of our ambition, we have invested many years of effort in developing our Tocaro loudspeaker. The outcome, we believe, truly is unique.

The unmistakable sound is a direct result of the method of construction, the same methods used in the construction of musical instruments. Each and every Tocaro loudspeaker is hand-crafted by us. The foundation of authenticity of these loudspeakers is the traditional and uncompromising technique of our cabinets. For these we solely use natural materials which require a long treating process for the membranes.

Take your time and convince yourself of the veracity of our approach. You won´t want to settle for anything less. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration at an authorized Tocaro dealer.


Our philosophy:
"Great music deserves perfect reproduction!"

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