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Highest quality by using exclusive raw materials

The use of exclusive raw materials are fundamental quality attributes for Tocaro loudspeakers. We use only pure cotton from controlled organic farming. Only carefully selected fibers, taken from inside the blossom, are used.
Until the membrane is manufactured, the cotton has to pass through varying complicated stages of production. These involve carding, sorting, colouring and drying. In a specially developed manufacturing procedure the cellulose fibers are formed with the use of a high vacuum and the necessary stamps and die tools to attain the desired shape.
We use the same care in selecting the different woods for the cabinets, baffle, stands, timber feather, tweeter and the 15-inch drive-unit basket. Stability and weight are important quality factors, comparable to an instrument.
We manufacture all adhesive and impregnation material, as well as the material for the treatment of the seam, in our own laboratory. This enables us to have a direct influence on the structural integrity of the vibrating elements and guarantees the longevity of our loudspeakers.

An overview of the main components for our loudspeakers

The Timber Feather

The manufacturing process of a timber feather is very complex, time consuming and labour intensive. Five layers of hardwood have to be ground by hand, to a thickness of two hundredths of a millimeter, in order to produce one timber feather. After that, they get cross-bonded and are once again ground to the final required dimension. Then a CO2 laser is used to cut exactly the required contours. The finished timber feather now perfectly aligns the membrane neck and voice coil. It controls the drive unit movement by providing a permanent resistive counter pressure, whilst avoiding material fatigue.

The Membrane

The membrane is an essential element of the Tocaro sound. Following a special initial treatment, the cellulose fibers, which are pure cotton, are hand-formed and pressed. Thus a very light and porous molded paper cone can be formed. Through a unique impregnation procedure, lasting several weeks, the very solid and low-resonance Tocaro membrane is created. In combination with the timber feather, it is the basis for a filter-free drive of the different loudspeaker membranes.

The Tweeter

The basis of the tweeter is the timber feather. It enabled us to build a drive-unit which mainly reproduces very clear high-tones without a frequency crossover. Here too, hardwood is ground to the required dimensions, cross-ply laminated and laser cut using a CO2 laser. The tweeter has got the same drive (coil magnet) as the 10-inch- and 15-inch-driver. This tweeter fits perfectly with the sonic performance of all our other drive units. It produces a wonderful homogenous music reproduction.

The Cabinet

The cabinets consist of cross-bonded plies of beech and birch. A very high stability is necessary to keep any resonances brief within the cabinet. The precisely manufactured tongue and groove joint and also the mortised stands made of solid beech construction guarantee this high stability. Cabinets made with this technique reach a higher dynamic and an optimal wide-angle dispersion.

The Ventilation

To make the deep tones easily audible, it is very important that the drive unit membrane can move freely inside the cabinet. This requires a ventilation port, which is made out of a stable beech plywood tunnel at Tocaro. In this way, we avoid unwanted undertones and achieve optimal bass lines.

The 15-Inch Drive Unit with wooden basket

The manufacturing process of the 15-inch membranes is virtually identical to that of the 10-inch-membranes but, due to its size, is much more complex. In order to reproduce enough high tones, it was vitally important to have an exact thickness of 0.4mm over the entire surface of the membrane. This complete assembly of membrane and timber feather is suspended in a solid wooden basket. The control of the inward and outward movement of the membrane is much better, using the bespoke wooden basket, rather than with a 15-inch variant of the aluminium die-cast basket used in the 10-inch drive-unit. Nevertheless, the tremendous effort was worth it: the sound is very open, precise and clear – a very special musical treat!

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